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Success comes from forming healthy habits! I grew up in a family that were strong advocates of health and fitness. From tennis, soccer, dance and snowboarding, being active was a lifestyle and a weekly habit in my family.

My greatest influence in nutrition came at an early age when my father would always prepare vitamins and freshly cut oranges and grapefruits first thing in the morning for the family. Its a morning ritual he still does to this day!

When I graduated from high school, I began training as an endurance runner, participating in multiple trail, road and duathlons races with friends. As I young adult, this is when I began to understand the importance of fuelling my body with the right nutrients for results.

After graduating university I moved to the Dominican Republic to work at an eco fitness resort. This is where my passion for Crossfit really took off. I started teaching classes and quickly became in love with lifting. I was surrounded by amazing and passionate trainers that inspired and educated me on superfoods, supplements, training and nutrition/eating styles such as IF, vegetarianism, carb cycling, paleo and keto, all of which I’ve tried myself for better understanding. I believe if you really want to grasp a new concept, you have to have a personal opinion based on experience and education.

Over the past 7 years I have traveled the world learning and teaching health and wellness. As Certified Sports Nutritionist, I dedicate my time consulting to my clients of all ages, fitness levels and body types to reach their goals in a healthy and sustainable way.

I am not one of those nutritionist that will tell you stop eating what you love and give you a meal plan. My approach is very different. Together we will work to discover your values and how we can build your wellness goals around whats important to you. When we build a program around what matters to you, then we see longterm commitment to healthy choices and ultimately RESULTS!!